Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What is the Zero Point Amega Energy Healing Bracelet?

Amega Global - a company that is networking the bracelets and wands -- was form by a consortium of 3 companies compromising of a Wellness product manufacturer, investment firm and a people development company in year 2006. Amega Global LLC was formed in Delaware, USA in February 2006. Amega Global, a global leader in E-commerce Network marketing; design, develop and manufacture most of its wellness products as well as distribute directly via the Network marketing System. Most of the energy based products are manufactured in our own manufacturing facilities in South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia applying our very own proprietary technology.

The Amega zero point wand (bracelet, etc.) causes your cells to remember what they were designed for. Call 951-262-3156!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on the Internet, Definition: In physics, the zero-point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may have and is the energy of the ground state. The quantum mechanical system that encapsulates this energy is the zero-point field. The concept was first proposed by Albert Einstein and Otto Stern in 1913. The term "zero-point energy" is a calque of the German Nullpunktenergie. All quantum mechanical systems have a zero-point energy. The term arises commonly in reference to the ground state of the quantum harmonic oscillator and its null oscillations.

Zero-point energy is sometimes used as a synonym for the vacuum energy, an amount of energy associated with the vacuum of empty space. When the term is used in this way, sometimes it is referred to as the quantum vacuum zero point energy. In cosmology, the vacuum energy is one possible explanation for the cosmological constant.[1] The variation in zero-point energy as the boundaries of a region of vacuum move leads to the Casimir effect, which is observable in nanoscale devices.

A related term is zero-point field, which is the lowest energy state of a field; i.e. its ground state, which is non-zero. (Thank you Wikipedia!)

Health-Wand reported his experience:
Breakthrough new technology just launched in U.S.

Since I research everything, and having been sent this Health-Wand as I call it, I must say, I am impressed. I have had a bum knee ever since motorcyle accident as a kid, and with pain every-time I over do it, run or walk too far, too much lateral movement, I pay for it for days if not weeks. And as a built in barometer for rain forecasts with escalating pain, I know it is going to rain before the national weather forecast does.

Health-wand mentions that it is a short story -- Long story short, I am very much aware of scaler energy and specific frequencies which can unlock unknown power from our atmosphere and earth, nothing new about the science, but to have a device which focuses such frequency is new. As one who has worked in the alternative energy technologies field, a friend sent me this Health-Wand to evaluate.

Health-wand continues... Well, I am impressed, my pain is gone temporarily and a huge rain storm is approaching, so I was feeling pain, and now I am not, so we shall see before storm gets here tomorrow. This will be a good first test, so stay tuned, if pain is still gone by tomorrow, I will take a short run just to satisfy my curiosity and see just how much I can do before pain returns. (visit his website for more testimonials...)
Listen to a recorded phone call here for more testimonials: 951-262-3156 (No one will try to sell you anything! No one will talk to you. Just dial the number and listen about this amazing energy healing process.)

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