Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What is Zero Point? | Where is Zero Point?

Where is Zero Point and how does it heal?

How to use the AMEGA wand:

  1. Zero energy is used to discharge energy blockages in cells in the body
  2. To clear the energy distortions in our Bio energetic field
  3. To balance & energize the body imbalances
  4. To energize the environment in which we live
  5. To energize our organic garden

The recent use of this amazing wand has created quite a stir -- funny! -- the Amega wand is stiring up excitement! Round and round is the motion you use when demonstrating the wand. It is changing lives for the better in just minutes!

With thousands of people using this solid state healing technology -- Can you imagine, hundreds of your neighbors using this wand, helping their neighborhood to get rid of bad energy, aches and pains?

Use the Amega wand in a stirring motion. Rotating it in a clockwise manner near the area of your body where you want the cells to remember to connect with source. (You would rotate the wand over an area that you are experiencing pain or discomfort.

What do you see when you look at your finger under a microscope? When you go deeper and far enough you see the the electrons, protons, and neutrons are similar!

When going beyond that you are in the sub atomic. The space we find between the sub atomic particles were discovered by Einstein who called it zero point energy field.

We live in a sea of energy...Everything we see in the physical world has its energy source from it.

This Amega energy healing wand sends out zero point energy. The wand should be called a magic wand because it reminds your body's cells to go back to source, or go to the time they were in a near homeostasis condition.

With an application of Zero Point energy you can be Pain free and happier! Your body's cells go back to what we like to call zero point energy field as source. So it is your body realigning itself so it really is not any magic, just quantum physics and new age science!

The Lemon test they talked about on the testimonial phone calls: The test is to take a lemon, cut it into 4 pieces.
  1. Pass the wand over two lemon pieces for 30 seconds.
  2. Now let two of your friend taste the wanded lemon -- it will taste marvelous and sweet
  3. After that, let them taste the unwanded lemon!
  4. You will see from their expressions on their faces of sour astonishment, conviction, and of course disgust, from that sour taste of the pesticide engulfed lemon.

More testimonials on the phone calls of knee pain gone, headaches, migraines gone, aches and pains removed in a few minutes.

This Singapore wand is a combination of a proprietary process that blends together granulated minerals that create this zero point energy field that flows out from the pen sized device.

Zero Point energy is sub atomic energy and this is truly an amazing healing energy technology.

To listen to truly amazing testimonials you can click zero point energy wand --

People are jumping into this industry like never before! Will this wand be the greatest invention since the wheel! And I thought network marketing was dead in the USA. WOW everyone is excited and they can hardly wait to get their hands on one!


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