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The Nano AMWand looks like a pen, but its not. It is stainless steel and contains 11 different natural minerals and crystals fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level intended to improve your health. Based on the zero-point energy principle. The wand works on individual cells balancing the body's chi and speeding up the healing process. Specifically targeting the immune and nervous systems.

By using the Nano Wand these cells can be re-energized at a molecular level. Like fruits and vegetables die -- our cells slowly deteriorate with age. The natural energy of the wand may improve sleep patterns,decrease muscle tension and improve the positive chi energy of the body when worn ,carried or placed under your bed. .

The Nano Wand is a solid state natural energy generating device. The energy created rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids. By stirring the Wand counter clockwise in any beverage you can create the same resonance found in natural healing springs around the world. Placed in the fridge you will have tastier and fresher foods.

Even if your not feeling any discomfort it is still good to use your wand. This will help to remove any blocked energies that might be building up. Please remember to tap the wand several times on a on a hard surface before using for best results. The wand will make your energy higher. High energy equals health and well being.

Suggestions on how to us the Nano AMWand

A) Always begin by shaking or tapping the wand on a hard surface several times before using to activate the wand’s crystals and energy.

Since all problem areas are due to energy blockages in the body. Wand around your finger tips and toes 3-4 times before working on a problem area.

B) Start by rotating the wand 3-4 times slowly counter-clockwise followed by continued slow clockwise motions.

C) Touch the area you “wand” after each 4, 8, 16 (or more) rotations for best results.

Finish your wand sessions how you started. Slowly wand counter-clockwise around your finger tips and toes 3 times.

You do not have to limit the use to 4, 8, 16 rotations. It may actually take up to 30 minutes (or more) to achieve the desired effects.

You can use the wand everyday or as much as desired.

Remember results vary for each individual and may also depend on the problem area. Results can also be delayed until the next day.

You can wand threw clothes, directly on the skin or just above it. Also you can hold the wand on the problem area to achieve results.

Additional Uses for the AMWand
  • Its great for people who do energy work. Just place the wand under the pillow while working on your client. This will help relax the body, loosen the muscles and nerves.
  • Use your Wand to mix food or medicine. This will increase the nutritional benefits through enhanced cellular absorption.
  • Place a wand in the refrigerator to help keep food fresher and tastier.
  • A deeper more peaceful sleep may be achieved by putting the wand under your pillow or under your bed.
  • You may also stir liquids with the wand to energize your drinks. Rotating the wand above a drink, the zero point energy spins into the liquid. Or liquid can be poured over the wand where it picks up the resonance. The resonance generated is similar to that found in the earth surrounding many natural healing springs around the world. This is important because our bodies are made up of over70% water.

Use the wand on your Pets This product is designed to work for you and your favorite pets by helping to unblock the energy pathways within the cells and tissues of your body. Ultimately assisting in the balance of mind, body and soul.

Use same technique as suggested for humans.
Place the wand in between your animal's toe pads to unblock energy fields

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